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Yoshisu Dojo is located in the heart of the University of Cincinnati's clifton campus. In the University's Campus Recreation Center, current and prospective karate students find personal instruction and training in a traditional style of karate called Chito-ryu.

Chito-ryu  is  a  traditional  Japanese  style  of  Karate with Okinawan and Chinese roots.  It was developed  by a  medical  physician  of  renowned  martial  skill, Dr.Tsuyoshi Chitose, Saiko Shihan.

The Chito-ryu curriculum at Yoshisu targets optimal  physical  health,  strength,  confidence,  and  awareness which are  the critical  components  of  personal safety and defense.  Classes emphasize  powerful  blocks,  strikes,  kicks,  joint  locks,  wrist and choke  releases  as  well  as balance and incredible cardio and core strength. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED to begin training - only a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard. All instruction is individualized, and students progress in accordance with their own effort, attendance and practice. Students register for training on a semester basis. Those who continue their diligent training may become eligible to test for advancement in belt rank. Uniforms are not required but are available at whole sale cost. The instructor, Mina Ludwig, is a 5th degree black belt whose study of Chito-ryu began in 1983.

You do not have to be a University student nor a member of the UC Recreation center in order to train at Yoseikan Yoshisu. Tuition pricing is by the semester in accordance with the University of Cincinnati semesterly schedule.

Members of the recreation center may try their first class for free. If you are not a member of the Rec but have a serious interest in becoming a karate student, contact the instructor directly to arrange to watch class or participate in one free trial.


Class times:
Monday/Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings
7:30 - 9:00 PM and now 10:00 - 11:30 AM on Saturdays in Fall and Spring
7:15 - 9:00 PM in Summer.


Additional training opportunities such as outdoor training and national clinics are regularly offered in addition to these regular class times.


To Register
Call or visit the ...
UC Campus Recreation Center
2820 Bearcat Way
Cincinnati, OH 45221


Be sure to ask the front desk for the "ilearn" or instructional karate class in room A


Register by phone: 559-0604
Major credit cards accepted


Pricing for the entire semester (approx. 4 months)
Academic Year 2014-2015


Fall: August 25 - January 2
Spring: January 12 - May 1
Summer: May 11 - August 7


1 class per week: $65 for rec member, $85 for non members
2 classes per week: $120 for rec members, $150 for non members
3 classes per week: $170 for rec members, $210 for non members


For information contact the instructor directly at 513 884-2112
or email us at yoseikanyoshisu@gmail.com
University of Cincinnati Campus Recreation Centre
2820 Bearcat Way Room A
Cincinnati, OH 45221